Our Team

We are a media production team that specializes in custom produced, carefully crafted music and video.

We were early collaborators with Chair Entertainment (before they joined EPIC) in scoring the soundtrack to Infinity Blade, the first video game to use the Unreal 3D gaming engine on iPhone and iPad. Their revolutionary approach to the game called for a powerful soundtrack, so we took great care to craft custom sounds that would give the game a signature emotional impact. The success of the game was overwhelming and we were fortunate to score the soundtrack to the second installment in the Infinity Blade franchise, Infinity Blade II. For this soundtrack, we won the G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) award for 2011 Best Audio in a Handheld Game.

We love to help creative visionaries tell their story. We will do whatever it takes to create media that is perfectly suited to the needs of our clients.

Storytelling – whether through visuals or sound – is a journey of discovery best travelled together.

We are always open to new projects, tell us what you have in mind!