I have a theory about collective intelligence. At a certain age all your human atributes are tested with other people your age in a game of survival. You can’t practice medecine, best uk essay writing service
without the drugs industry, or the technical support that go along. I downloaded it on line for $20.00 for the first time this year, did the work on my computer and then printed off a hard copy and mailed it in. I feel that we have so much more potential if we were only willing to reach it. I thought this might happen.

Then there are the various personal allowances and exemptions depending on your age, eligible expenses and donations and who you may be claiming as dependents. The poll was just to get people thinking. I can read fairly complicated scientific material. An initiation.

Although, if it could you would end up with lots of well rounded people.I’m not trying to sound like a psycho. It shouldn’t be this difficult. Obviously we can’t just kill people because their genes aren’t good. [click to continue…]

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