Somakat tells stories through sound. We are an audio production house that specializes in custom produced, carefully crafted music. We thrive on collaborating with forward thinking artists in many genres brides russian.

Video Games: We were early collaborators with Chair Entertainment in scoring the soundtrack to Infinity Blade, the first video game to use the Unreal 3D gaming engine on iPhone and iPad. Their revolutionary approach to the game called for a powerful soundtrack, so we took great care to craft custom sounds that would give the game a signature emotional impact. The success of the game was overwhelming and we were fortunate to score the soundtrack to the second installment in the Infinity Blade franchise, Infinity Blade II. For this soundtrack, we won the G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) award for 2011 Best Audio in a Handheld Game.

Film: From the gritty powerful short films of Ben McPherson of Stowaway films (see “Fix”), to the viral Youtube video sensations Eddy King & Tyler Marshall of Teddy Films (see “Star Wars that I Used to Know”), to the atmospheric brilliance of Mark Andersen of Andersen Films (see “Vampired”), we love to help visionaries in the world of film tell their story. We will do whatever it takes to create a composition that is perfectly suited to the images on screen. Music, to us, is a journey of discovery, and often takes us to out-of-the-way places like junkyards, scrap heaps, lumber yards, wheat fields, forests, anywhere that provides inspirational sounds. We’re obsessed with finding just the right sound for just the right moment on film.

Music: We are all lifetime musicians with expertise performing on multiple instruments and we’ve spent countless hours in the studio creating sounds we’ve never heard before. We bring the energy of live performance and the magic of electronic and synthesized sounds to our compositions. Simply put, music is our passion.

We are always open to new projects.  Please contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

Josh Aker

Israel Curtis

Contact Us: info@somakat.com • 801-358-1959